Caressing Keys

My head begins to spin
I squeeze my eyes shut
So many unfinished stories
The year has been rough

Write a poem, maybe two
That will hold them over
It’s not enough, I’m overdo
Time to pull back the covers

My palms rest on the keys
As my blood begins to pump
My fingers twitch awake
For so long they’ve been numb



Imagined Dragons

Just a lustful admirer
He asked if I was friend or foe
I was neither
He was the field to my scarecrow

I watched over to protect
When others neglected
And the black birds of the world
Swooped in at his neck

He disappeared
The day after I fell in love
And my life was enriched
With things unheard of

I cried for a minute
But it was all the time I had
To mourn over the forbidden
For only seconds I remained sad

Screaming didn’t help
And these tears don’t mean a thing
Taming this dragon will be impossible
He just wont listen when I sing


Indispensable Part 5(An addictive short story)

“Get away from me Max.”

I walked back into the house slamming the door behind me.  I should have been freezing, but my boiling blood wouldn’t allow it.  Five fucking days, I hadn’t even been gone a week and she had a tattoo.    I ducked into the hallway bathroom and locked the door.


I slowly counted down from ten, taking a deep breath between each count.  I couldn’t face Nicole right now; my need to dominate was so fresh and so raw.  My dick had complete control right now, and Nicole was just too soft for what I needed.  Staring back at me in the mirror was the monster I had created over the past few years.  With bloodshot eyes and flaring nostrils, the heat hovered in the air just above my head.

I needed Olly.

My fist clinched involuntarily stopping me from slamming them into the mirror my wife bought just a week ago.  I didn’t like this feeling.  It wasn’t something I could just shut off, nor was it something I was proud of.

I turned on the cold water splashing my face twice with it.  When I looked into the mirror again nothing had changed. The monster glared back at me.

“Max, Is everything okay?”

I jumped at the sound of Nicole’s on the other side of the door.

“I’m fine.” I snapped.


I jumped again as her hand slammed hard against the door.

“Stop yelling at me, I am SICK of it!”   She yelled then I heard her feet head down the hallway.  Her rebellious behavior made my skin tingle.  I jerked the door open and followed.

“Nicole.”  I called out between my teeth.   I kept my voice even, out of fear of scaring Sara.  “Come here right now.”

I walked into the living room to see that she had cleaned up and placed my gift from Olly in my recliner.

“Nicole!” I shouted.

My head jerked when I heard a noise in the kitchen.  She was in the middle of putting away all the food she had cooked for our Christmas with Olly, completely ignoring my entrance.


She continued to ignore me, slamming cabinet doors, throwing silverware loudly into the sink.  The beast in me pounded his fist against his chest demanding she obey, but I only stood there in the door way fighting against him.

“Look.  At.  Me.  NICOLE.”  I was trying so hard to be the husband she knew, but I was just a ticking time bomb.

She slammed one last cabinet and turned to me.

“Or what?!”  She tossed her hands in the air.

“Are you going to yell at me some more? Or maybe insult me like you did poor Olly?!”

I went to answer her and she interrupted me.

“No thank you Max.  Three days of the shit was enough.”  And with that she turned her back to me again.

I don’t even remember closing the short distance between us, but I did and before I knew it she was trapped between my cock and the kitchen sink.

I stared at the back of her exposed neck.  Tick… tick…tick….

“Where’s Sara?” I was practically growling.

“Get away from me Max.”

I leaned into her a little harder.  Tick… tick…tick…. “Nicole, please don’t fuck with me.”

Her entire body tensed against me and she gasped out.   I realized it was the first time I had ever used any type of foul language towards her.  Sadly instead of feeling guilty, her response satisfied my hunger.  This beast would ruin my marriage.

“She… She’s in her room.” Her obedience made me smile.  Tick… tick…tick….

Lightly I kissed the back of her neck and she jumped.


I begin to scatter more soft kisses against her neck, her shoulders, and just below her ear.  I felt her arousal begin to replace her fear as she began to submit, just like Olly always had….


At the thought of her rebellion tonight my teeth sank down into Nicole’s neck, punishing her for Olly’s Actions.  I began grinding my cock hard against her ass, and to my surprise my wife pushed back and moaned out.


The bomb set off in my head, and I quickly pulled the hem of her skirt up and over her hips. I saw red as I ripped through the lace of her panties.

Running my palms up her back until my fingers tangled into the hair at her nape, I squeezed it tightly in my fist.

“Push your ass out.”  I commanded and she obeyed without a comment.

With one hand I used my saliva as lubricant and placed my swollen head at her opening.  Holding it there I teased her studying her response.  She pushed her ass back more and I took a step back.

How big of an idiot was I?

Why had I never attempted to be a little rough with my wife?  What was I afraid of?  I teased her once more and she growled out in response, earning a loud slap on her ass.

“Fuck me, or go away Max.”  Seemed we were both out to shock each other tonight.

I squeezed at her nape harder and pushed her head down until her cheek laid flat against the cold counter next to the sink.

“I don’t remember handing you any type of control.”

I continued my teasing.  Handing out slow and sweet torture, I watch her perfect little ass wiggle back and forth.  Her warmth seemed to come out and engulf my cock, begging me to come in.  So without notice I did just that.  I slammed into her once and she screamed out.

Fuck!  It was such a beautiful sound.

I stayed there wrapped tightly in her warm wet center, enjoying the feeling of her pulsating around me.  I squeezed my eyes shut and suddenly Olly was there in front of me, disobeying me with her fucking giraffe tattoo.

Love, lust, rage, anger, and fear of losing her all came in at once.  Placing my hands on her hips, I squeezed and began slamming into Nicole over and over.   Her moans echoed out through the kitchen.

“Why the fuck do you insist on disobeying me?!”  I screamed out, but she didn’t answer.  Rage, more rage ran through my blood until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fucking answer me Olly!”

I slammed my palms down on the counter at her sides and fucked her with everything in me as I began to tumble over the edge.  Her moans and screams became muffled as I emptied every bit of my come and energy inside of her.

I could practically hear the hissing of steam as my body floated back to reality and a cold sweat washed over me.  I lay across her back as my legs began to give out and her entire body tensed up again.

“Nicole.”  She said.

“What?”  I fought to catch my breath.

“My name is Nicole.  Your wife remember?”

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

“Oh God Nicole I…..”  I was speechless. What could I say to fix this?

My addiction may have just ruined my marriage.

Indispensable Part 6(An addictive short story)

“Do I need to tie you down little rabbit?” 

“What?” I fought to catch my breath.

“My name is Nicole. Your wife, remember?”

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! “Oh God Nicole I…..” I was speechless.

What could I say to fix this?

My addiction may have just ruined my marriage.


I spoke first as I watched my wife slide what was left of her panties over her right ankle then off her foot. I needed her to say something. I needed her to scream at me or slap me. I needed her to do something, show me some type of emotion. I had screamed another woman’s name during sex for Christ sake!


For once I had no control over the situation and that scared the hell out of me. She wouldn’t look at me and hadn’t spoken a word. This was hands down the worst day of my fucking life. I couldn’t lose her. I could not lose my ray of sunshine, the only thing in my life that made me seem normal. She pressed the pedal on the trashcan and the lid flew up, tossing the scrap of lace into the bag lining the inside.

“Goodnight.” She went to leave the kitchen.

“What?” She stopped and her eyes met mine.

“I said goodnight Max.”

“We need to talk about this.”

“No… we don’t…You don’t want to talk to me right now.”


Finally something began to brew in her eyes, and like an idiot I was going to push for more. Just as she turned to leave I stopped her.

“I said we need to talk.” The Dom in me tossed the words out as a command. She turned back to me and a Nicole I never knew stared back at me.

“You two had a fight just minutes ago”, she spoke out. “It was an accident. Let it go Max.”

Just then she plastered a smile on her face that left me feeling uneasy. How the fuck did I not know how to react to my own wife. Nicole was always so happy, always smiling. She was my complete opposite that was one of the reasons I fell in love with her, but I didn’t know this Nicole.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I didn’t mean for you to see me like that.” I apologized.

It seemed like the right move to make. She snickered and began shaking her head. Her eyes never left mine and the snicker turned into a full out laugh, one that left me feeling even more uncomfortable.

“You’re such a fucking coward.” She spit out and her eyes filled with unshed tears.

“What?” I asked taken back with her tone.

“You didn’t mean for me YOUR WIFE, to see you like that? WHAT… is that side of you saved only for Olly! Huh?!… Is that why she gets the best of you and I’m left with a hollow shell of a man and vanilla sex?”

“Nicole.” I warned.

The demon inside of me stirred at the sound of her rebellion.

“NO!” She pointed at me as she took a step closer.

“You will let me speak. For once you will hear me god dammit!”

I clamped my mouth shut as her eyes began to blaze with a rage I had never seen.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you think I’m some dumbass that doesn’t realize her husband and his “best friend” have been fucking right under my nose? I know!”

She stood right in front of me now her pointer finger stabbed into the center of my chest with each word that followed. “I… have… always… known.”


I tried to interrupt only to be cut off, earning two more stabs in the process.

“Shut… Up!”

“Why… Why did you even pick me that night? Why did you even propose if you were in love with Olly all along? I was never clingy, I never begged you for a ring. YOU wanted this! YOU chose ME! How can you say you love me and continue to fuck her through our relationship, our marriage, and my pregnancy?!”

She threw her hands up in disgust and walked over to the far wall.

“And she gets THAT part of you. The part you’ve been afraid for me to see, but didn’t mind bringing out the day of our daughter’s birthday party.”

I couldn’t mask the look of shock before she saw it. She knew. God, how much did she know? How long had she been watching.

“Oh God.” She laughed out. “You don’t honestly believe I didn’t see that, do you?” I only stared back in response.

Yes I honestly thought I was invincible that day. All my focus that day was on Olly’s surprise announcement of relocation. I never once thought to give my wife any attention. Now that I think about it, I didn’t help out much at all after Olly’s arrival.


The sting at my left cheek both shocked me and hurt like hell. I look down to see a look of shock on her face as well. How she got back across the room so quickly was lost on me.

“I’m not… Sorry.”

Her words said one thing, but the look of mortification on her face said another. Even she didn’t understand who she was right now. Clearly her anger was what controlled her actions right now.

Before she had a chance to fight it, I circled my arms around her and pulled her close. I held her there and felt the moment she surrendered to the tears she held in. Her body went limp as her shoulders began to shudder. I did this. I broke her. She gave her all in our marriage from day one, and I may never be able to get her back. Tears I didn’t know I held in begin to fall and I squeezed her tighter.

I could not lose her. “Oh God baby, I fucked up so bad.” I fought to catch my breath between my words. “I’m so sorry.”

I meant every single bit of it as her small frame continued to shake violently. Afraid to let go, I continued to hold her for as long as she would allow. I wish I could say it lasted all night, but minutes later she pushed against my embrace. I let her; afraid if I didn’t she’d try to slap me again. She stared at me, her eyes void of any warmth they held at breakfast this morning.

“It’s me or her Max. I’m done being second.”

Her words were ones I once prayed I would never have to hear. Ones that she had promised me she would never say just moments after I proposed to her. In her defense at the time of that promise she had no clue how much I needed Olly in my life. Even now she didn’t understand what she was asking.

“I am your wife. From now on I will be what you need.”

It was as if she had read my thoughts. She knew exactly what she was asking of me. Knew the effect it would have.


“Do you really have to think about it?” She asked in disbelief.

“What… No! I jus-“

“Fuck you Max.”

With that she stormed out of the kitchen. Thoughts of losing her and Sara came flooding in. Just thinking of another man touching my innocent Nicole was enough to bring me to my knees.

“OKAY!” I shouted just as she rounded the corner.

“I’ll let her go. It’s done… Just please don’t.” For the first time in my life I was submitting to someone else’s demands.

“If I can’t have all of you Max, I don’t want any of you. So you better be sure that THIS is what you want.”

Her voice came back around the corner, but she didn’t. I scrubbed my hands through my hair in silence. Life without Olly. Was that even possible for me?

It would have to be.


It would have to be.


A large hand palmed my left breast as I went to roll into a more comfortable position.  I continued my roll and smiled as Dave pinched my nipple and groaned out in protest.

“Do I need to tie you down little rabbit?”  His sleep filled voice came out rough and sexy as hell.

“Mm… Maybe.”  I chuckled back.

He pulled me close until my naked breasts pressed snugly against his chest hair.  The floor of the tattoo parlor wasn’t the most comfy place, but after three rounds of intense sex it felt way better than walking.  Early signs of daylight began cozying up to the blinds, warning me that soon I would have to face reality.

Dave wasn’t reality.

“Stop thinking, you’re giving me a headache.”

I looked up to find him staring down at me.  “I’m not,  I ju-“

“There are two things that I can’t stand.”  He interrupted.  “The first one is a liar.”

He lifted his eyebrows as if asking me if I understood.  I snapped my mouth shut.

“Good girl.”

Dave would be so damn easy to fall for.  Of course I would meet him at the biggest turning point of my life, and just weeks before I moved halfway across the country.

“I should probably be going now.”  I went to sit up and he squeezed me tighter into his chest.


“Home.”  I answered, though I wasn’t really sure that was the truth.  I knew at some point I would have to face Max.

“Are you sure?  Because the second thing I hate is sharing.  I was never good at it.  As a child I threw fits when someone else played with my toys. ”

There was no mistaking the tone in his voice.

“I’m very sure, just as I am sure that I belong to no one.”  It was my turn to lift my eyebrows and make sure that he understood.

Without notice he took my lips hard, growling and grinding against me in the process.

This I could do.

Sex was the one thing I could always commit to.  A relationship with someone who wasn’t Max was something I felt I couldn’t… yet.

I kissed him back with the same amount of pressure he gave me.  If this was going to be the last time I kissed him I may as well enjoy it.  He pulled at my hair and my head began to swim.  My body brought to life by the pain I craved.

I brought one leg across his center and pushed off the floor until I straddled his waist.  I slid my slick wet folds back and forth over the underside of his now hard cock and watched as his face began to distort into ecstasy.

This I could do.




My naughty new obsession……Audio books.


Tonight I will ramble about this past weekend and my new hobby. I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me to Houston and instead of planning out my newest playlist of the latest Billboard top 100, I chose to buy an audio book.

I had never listened to an audio book before. I always thought they would be boring, or well a little creepy. Right now my favorite romance author is Maya Banks. So I decided to start off with her book “Rush”. It’s the first book from her The Breathless Trilogy. To my surprise I loved it!

I was able to do all my household chores, and run all my errands without having to stop “reading”. Usually if I’m reading a good book I get nothing else done. I would sit on the couch an entire afternoon and get nothing done. The audio book somehow made me more productive. Before I knew it I was back home with my Dre beats on changing my entire bedroom around and paying all the bills before work!

For 11 hours the Narrator Paul Adam had my full attention, with breaks in between of course. He gasped when he needed to and made all the necessary voice changes for each character when necessary. The drive went fast and I made it to Houston with 30 minutes to spare. I found it hard to get out of the truck in the middle of a chapter.

I’ve only found one con to the audio book thing which was quickly dismissed. They are expensive! But I’ve been told that I can check the books out for free at local libraries. So I will soon be listening to another. If they don’t have Maya Banks…well I will soon be broke. :-)


I stared across the park bench
Hanging on his every word
And nothing in the world mattered
Not even the fussing of birds
Fingertips brush like smooth keys
Clueless to the power he holds
Honesty seems to flow with ease
The nerves no longer cold
The touch can’t be duplicated
As fingers begin to graze
The feeling is reciprocated
And minutes feel like days
Breathing becomes harder
The longing goes longer
The heart beats get louder
The stupid smile on my face
I can’t stop what’s coming
So I live in this very moment
Soon reality will come running

Missing Pieces

When you call
I come running
I know you’re out there
Can you hear me?
The flashbacks keep coming
Can you see me?
Staring from across the world
Could you take me?
Away from all this chaos
Maybe break me
Do everything you wished for
When you get lonely
Giving the attention you dream of
Do you honey?
Want it all laid out in the open
We could both
Fix the hearts that we’ve had broken

Art credit : Talking comics

Lemons for Lemonade

We Humans

We do the craziest things

Ignore someone

Attempting to retrain the brain

To try and get rid of

What drives us insane

Controlling road rage

Just by switching the lanes

Stupid humans

Life just isn’t that easy

It’s hurtful, it’s messy

It’s so fucking sleazy

And you have to deal with it

Love in it

Sleep in it

And there are no refunds

You’ll just have to keep it.



Sometimes in life
You have to let go
You have to forget
Everything that you know

You can’t have it all
Without the chance of pain
Maybe yours, maybe theirs
Someone’s left in the rain

With one large stone
The castle will fall
You can be the one to throw it
Or you can be the wall

Left all dress up
With no place to go
This itch will last forever
But it’s a scratch I’ll never know.