Your skin was poison

Your lips my wine

Craving your body

At half past nine

The pain, the pleasure

Hard to ignore

You breathe me in

Exhale when I’m sore

Evaporating innocence

As I fall flat

What becomes of this

After doing all that

Stream covered mountains

Cry me a river

Beg for forgiveness

As the ground below shivers


The New Race

Promises worth nothing

Friendships worth less

Out with the new 

In with the old

That’s what worked best

In a marathon against the fake

There was a selfish time to beat

Kilometers of realness

Smothered in Texas heat

So easily ties cut

That never meant too much 

Running alone against the tides 

Brings on a new rush

And a smile on tiny lips

In the absence of the mind

The birth of new innocence

With no way to freeze time



I feed off of this

This power I hold

Squeezing and spreading

I do as I am told

and he licks…

The tongue of a starving man,

I’m greeted with pain

From the palm of his hand

The smile of rebellion

Falls into space

As he strains to taste deeper

And quickens his pace

His demon breaks free

His secrets exposed

My ass is his kryptonite

And no one else knows

He’s Obsessed.


Song of the week!

But if you loved me
Why’d you leave me?
Take my body
Take my body
All I want is,
And all I need is
To find somebody.
I’ll find somebody like you.


Words lost

Hello old friend 

It’s been a while

I miss your words

I miss your style

Gone too long

The silence, too loud 

It seems you’ve gone mute

With the rest of the crowd

Come back, I need sight

My words just don’t write

It was your rhymes 

That brought me to life

I remember your spice

Your naughty and nice

Flowing through limbs

Making bodies take flight

Hotel 2016

Welcome to 2016,

Please leave your negativity on the front lawn, your BS on the front porch and your insecurities at the door. Please lock the door behind you. We wouldn’t want your past sneaking in to haunt you. Take your excuses off in the foyer and hang your selfish Ex friends and lovers in the coat closet.  

Here in 2016 we encourage you to take charge of your life and actually enjoy it. Feel free to take a sip from our fountain of youth, but please only one glass per person. 

 The shit is expensive.  

Please take a look around. You’ll see that there are plenty of open doors and each room holds a different opportunity. What you choose is up to you.  

We encourage you to pick your own poison without peer pressure from other guest staying with us this year. As your real friends we do not judge you for choices that make you happy.  

We want to warn you though, door 69 is our Red Room. You need to be sure before you enter and sign a waiver before you leave.

We ask that you not feed the animals, we do not want to enable them to leech from others.

You’ll find we are very accommodating here in 2016 and there’s no discrimination. 

 We welcome God, Guns, and Gays. 

We only ask that you leave a better person than you were upon arrival.

So please, come and take a load off, love and live freely. 

2016 has been waiting for the real you.