Words lost

Hello old friend 

It’s been a while

I miss your words

I miss your style

Gone too long

The silence, too loud 

It seems you’ve gone mute

With the rest of the crowd

Come back, I need sight

My words just don’t write

It was your rhymes 

That brought me to life

I remember your spice

Your naughty and nice

Flowing through limbs

Making bodies take flight

Hotel 2016

Welcome to 2016,

Please leave your negativity on the front lawn, your BS on the front porch and your insecurities at the door. Please lock the door behind you. We wouldn’t want your past sneaking in to haunt you. Take your excuses off in the foyer and hang your selfish Ex friends and lovers in the coat closet.  

Here in 2016 we encourage you to take charge of your life and actually enjoy it. Feel free to take a sip from our fountain of youth, but please only one glass per person. 

 The shit is expensive.  

Please take a look around. You’ll see that there are plenty of open doors and each room holds a different opportunity. What you choose is up to you.  

We encourage you to pick your own poison without peer pressure from other guest staying with us this year. As your real friends we do not judge you for choices that make you happy.  

We want to warn you though, door 69 is our Red Room. You need to be sure before you enter and sign a waiver before you leave.

We ask that you not feed the animals, we do not want to enable them to leech from others.

You’ll find we are very accommodating here in 2016 and there’s no discrimination. 

 We welcome God, Guns, and Gays. 

We only ask that you leave a better person than you were upon arrival.

So please, come and take a load off, love and live freely. 

2016 has been waiting for the real you. 


Fairies and flying horses

A love so new and different
We were like no other
The beauty never lost on me
So in the end I suffered
Fairies and flying horses
The colors all surreal
My shine began to fade 
And you forgot to feel
A land of all my dreams
Faded into black
Traded like old money
My skin began to crack 
Left without guidance
The horse is in danger
We can never go back
The fairies are now strangers


Forbidden Farewell


I want to forget you ever happened 

That’s a lie. 

I want to remember it 

Bathe in it 

Fuck through it 

Until we both decide 

We’ve had enough 

I need to know 

I still do it for you 

That you’re so fucked up 

You still want me 

That in fucked up times 

You think of me 

And even miles apart 

You still touch me 


 Art credit: http://spiritcatcher.deviantart.com

Ed Sheeran