Fun Facts About My Blog

  • There is a music video after each chapter.  The reason is,  in order for me to get into the mind set I want for that chapter.  I find a song that relates and then I listen to it on repeat until I finish the chapter.  So what ever song you see at the end of the chapter, chances are I’ve listened to it at least 100 times.
  • “And Then There Was Me”  was supposed to be a short story.  After several request for more I’ve extended it, and even I don’t know how the story will end.  Morris seems to be pretty popular though.
  • A really good song could change the entire plot to one of my stories.
  • I start writing every story on my IPhone using the notepad app. Then if I think I have something good I transfer it over to Word.
  • Most of the story plots come to me in my sleep and I wake up sometimes at 3 a.m. and start writing on the IPhone.  My brain just never stops.
  • I think it’s pretty obvious my Music addiction is about as bad as my Romance Addiction.
  • I’m really not as cool as I seem on my blog and probably won’t ever post anything personal unless I won one of those awards where I have to answer  a million questions.  Then I would probably feel obligated to do so and give way more information out than I should.

8 thoughts on “Fun Facts About My Blog

  1. Interesting what you’re doing with the music. You’re building that association for yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised if years later you hear one of these songs and are instantly transported back to the chapter.

    I’ve used the same technique but not for writing….for road trips. Especially if they are going to be memorable ones. I’ve purposefully played the same song over and over at different points along the road….and you know what…it works! When I play one of those road trip songs I can recall even the smallest detail about the fun and amazing things done. =P

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