What’s Your Opinion?…Bon appetit

In your opinion, other than the bedroom, what is the hottest room in the house to get down and dirty in?  (You have to think outside the box)


19 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion?…Bon appetit

  1. Just noticed that your version is already a good size at 56 KB. Would you mind if I used it in a post? If I do, I’ll link the photo back to your blog. Another idea on my “To Do” list is a post about a long ago romantic encounter I had, with a beautiful woman of color.

      • Not sure that it’s good for me to post this publicly, but I got caught once doing exactly that lol. It was an evening alone with my gf in my parents house and my parents are serious church going people. Well, a group of teenagers from the church came because they thought the house was empty and were going to play a joke on my parents (in a friend kind of way.) Anyway, when I suddenly looked up there were 5 of them with their faces pressed to the window staring in at us as we were going hard and heavy on the floor. Ohhhhh I still don’t know if I hate that memory or find it amusing.

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