What’s your opinion?

I saw this on twitter and wondered if there was any truth to it.  What’s your opinion on the qoute below?

“Stop kissing a woman for just a second and look into her eyes, then start kissing her again…..She’ll fucking melt.”

Is there any truth to this?


18 thoughts on “What’s your opinion?

  1. Hmm… I think it depends upon the individual woman’s preferences, whether the look into her looks genuine, instead of calculated and awkward, and most of all, timing. If she’s really getting into the intensity of long and deep lover’s kiss, and returning a man’s intensity with her own, my advice is to keep going with it and do NOT stop. If it’s a more natural pause in the kiss (like the need to stop and take a deep breath) then the look into her eyes could be the perfect thing to do.

  2. Okay, my turn to screw up my sentence on your post, which should have read “whether the look into her EYES looks genuine…” If a man is looking into her from any other place on her body, it probably matters far less whether his look is genuine, and far more whether what he is doing to her, genuinely feels really good! Lol 😀

  3. Okay – just finished evaluation of threat level from Gerard Butler. Looked at images first and I saw nothing but trouble in every photo after photo. But then I noticed that he’s from Scotland and I felt slightly better… Do you know what “Haggis” is, Val? Google it, and then imagine your heartthrob eating it, cause if the guy is from Scotland, he probably loves eating the stuff.

    Then I looked at his filmography and I saw that he was in a movie called “300”. No comment. I also saw that he was in another movie called “The Bounty Hunter” for which he was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actor & Worst Male Lead in a Screen Couple.

    In conclusion, if all your attraction for Mr. Butler is purely physical, then Gerard is your “go to guy” all the way. Just don’t let him make breakfast for you, (threat of Haggis!) and watch his movies with the sound turned off (unless that Scotch accent really does it for you. lol) and you won’t be disappointed. Lol 😉

    But I’m feeling much better now, because I think that Bardem is the much greater threat, (YOU GREEDY BASTARD!!!) and I’m not quite as worried about Gerard Butler.

    Of course this is all in good fun and please take no offense because I just kinda trashed your dreamboat of a man. There’s no doubt that he sure does take one hell of a handsome picture, because there’s so many of them! Lol

    • Lmao! Did you not see the sex scene in 300? Ugh I would totally have his spartan baby.. Lol. I did see bounty hunter and I agree not his best work. But did you see law abiding citizen? There’s one seen that… uuu anywho his accent oooooooh his accent is so delicious I’d consider letting him eat Haggis off me… Lol as long as I don’t have to eat(I researched it). Yuck! See Mark what I love about your comments are you do your research and you teach me things Like Haggis (Yuck!)

      • There was a sex scene in 300? Was it between a man and a woman? (honest question, since Spartans were related to Greeks, and we all know what sex position the Greeks are famous for! It’s even named after them! lol) But you said that “I would totally have his spartan baby.” which tells me that it had to be sex with the potential to result in a baby… But I watched 300 and how the hell could I miss that? Unless you’re goofing on me, Val… Lol 😉 This bears a further investigation!

        I did not see “Law Abiding Citizen” but after reading your comment, now I want to… 🙂

        I understand the attraction to very attractive members of the opposite sex with sexy accents. Female French accents make me weak in the knees, and most of all, on those two trips I took to Montreal, when I got listen to a few stunningly beautiful French Canadian women speak French to me. (no money was involved)

        Since I don’t speak or understand French, my reply to one of these babes was “I have no idea what you just said to me, but Ohhh Gawd, it sounded Sexy!!!” Eye contact and body language quickly became our way of communicating, and she and I understood each other very well. 🙂

        But letting him eat Haggis (congrats on research!) off you? Hmm… thinking if I’d do the same for Penelope Cruz… Nah, it would have to be Tina Fey, since if it turned out not to be sexy, she’d find a way to make it very funny! Lol 😀

        Women adore me for teaching them about Haggis! Uhm,.. or am I using an incorrect word in the previous sentence. Ooops! Looks like I did! It should read “Women abhor me for teaching them about Haggis!” So it’s a good thing that like Tina Fey, I can still make them laugh about it! Lol 😀

  4. I dunno, I think if a guy did that to me, my first reaction would be “What?” Like, did I do something wrong? What’s he doing? Oh, we’re staring longingly at each other? Um .. okay, that’s cool I guess. Haha

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