What’s your opinion?

I saw this on twitter and wondered if there was any truth to it.  What’s your opinion on the qoute below?

“Stop kissing a woman for just a second and look into her eyes, then start kissing her again…..She’ll fucking melt.”

Is there any truth to this?



What’s Your Opinion?…Long Distance Relationships

Sure the phone sex, the dirty text message with the pictures meant “for your eyes only” is hot.  Hell even skype has made it easier.   But how long can someone be okay with loving someone from a distance?  Eventually don’t you need more?  The feeling of a warm body next you at night.  Talking over coffee in the morning about what you have planned for the day.  

The show Cathfish is the reason for this post. (This does not include military families that don’t have a choice.)

What’s Your Opinion?… The Perfect Kiss.

Like every other person in the United States (Texas) I watched the Super Bowl last night.  There was no missing the Go Daddy commercial with the Super Model kissing the “Nerd”.  I cringed not at the kiss, but at the loud sloppy sounds that were made. 
So my question tonight is…In your opinion what would be the perfect kiss?  Is is a quick peck on the lips, a rough one filled with rage and uncontrollable lust, or a soft subtle graze of the lips drawn out until you can no longer hold back(I’m all for suspense)? 
What does a perfect kiss feel like?

What’s Your Opinion? Threesome’s

Another reader has a question.  Here’s the scenario:

Your significant other suddenly ask you to bring a third person into the bedroom.  What would you do? Would you consider it?  Or would you run for the hills?  How would it make you feel?

What’s Your Opinion? Letting go

So I had someone ask me to blog about something to see what others think about it. Here’s the scenario:

You’ve fallen hard for someone and they don’t feel the same way about you. How and when do you get over that person and move on? Is it even possible? Or do you somewhere in the back of your mind always think about that person?