Ivory Tower

Your hand shouldn’t be there

And neither should your mouth

They placed me in this ward

And told me to chill out


But they placed you here too

Left unsupervised with your evil ways

Casting spells upon my sanity

Delivering torture that last days


Pushing limits unheard of

Making commands at daylight

Now I itch to get to you

Just to starve at twilight


I scream I need more

And you soak in your power

Now my throat remains sore

And my thoughts can’t me scoured


Cure me


My mind owns a very
Wild imagination
It begs me to cure
Your oral fixation
Follow no rules
We have no plans
Just incredible lust
That drives us insane
The tensions pulled tight
 I stayed up
Late last night
Convincing myself
This was right
I’m addicted to you
 I can’t explain
The constant need to
Moan your name
So I arch at the thought
Craving satisfaction
That will never come
Without your distractions

Be My Naughty Valentine


Feed my ego

Say I’m the best you ever had

That you’ve never

Seen anything better

Than my skin wrapped in leather

Tease me

Until I’m ready for more

And it’s hard to ignore

For my pleasure is yours

Taste me

Savor every single bit

Sip me like your favorite drink

Squeeze until you’re full of it

Beg me

And you will find

A sweet release

For what’s yours is mine




Happy Naughty Valentines!

Delicious Torture

In a crowded space

Your touch is all I feel

A gasp in your direction

No longer sure what’s real


A tingle down my spine

As my insides begin to stir

The flying pigs, and big wigs

They all become a blurr


Your seduction is so simple

Yet effective in every way

I’m addicted to this torture

So weak to be your prey






I fed him bullshit about love
To pull him from the crowd
Lines to feed his ego
Over music played too loud

Encouragement to follow me
Into the darkness of the night
Promises of pleasure
To make his jeans grow tight

But it was my show you see
I pulled all the strings
The pleasure belonged to me
The queen of all games


Challenge Accepted


My mind wonders to the outdoors

My ears ring in the silence

In the night air my vision blurs

Of wisping hair and mute guidance


I can run, but I can’t hide

The heat that I hold within me

My telling eyes, and exposed thighs

Beg for you to see me


Like a greedy doe through the picket fence

With a bag of stolen carrots

My body’s forced to except failure

So delicious there’s no regrets


I’ve lost all fight, I’ve got no defense

No excuses that hold any merit

With pointed toes I come unglued

When my challenge is accepted



You criminal

Stealing my thoughts

And fueling them with lust

Your gaze, it haunts me

From dawn until dusk

I clinch my thighs

As the flashbacks roll in

Squeeze my eyes shut

And count backwards from ten

But your vision remains

Determined as ever

To drive me insane

So easily I surrender


Love Lost


I heard your voice again today
A reminder of all I missed
A reminder of how we touched
A reminder of how you kissed

Years have gone by
Yet you’ve stayed on my brain
Countless nights of loneliness
And tears that fell like rain

I’ve wanted to forget you
And tried my best to move on
Countless others I’ve mused
And every time it felt wrong

So here we are
Many worlds apart
With lost trust
And guarded hearts

I’m afraid to move
Fearing this moment will end
So I’m careful with my words
Hoping you won’t run again


Moonlight Sonata


Your eyes pierce mine
And the vision never leaves
Your nails against my skin
Play me like piano keys
And I sing so loud
For the audience next to me
The song your body demands
That I sing on my knees
You growl out the lyrics
And backup follows your lead
The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard
I’ve never been so pleased.



My own personal bandage

Shielding away my wounds

From my own self destructions

And a life left unbloomed


Somehow I just got lucky

Good friends are hard to find

We’ve built this hidden Lego house

Somewhere in the back of our minds


Where it will go unharmed

And no one can ever get in

Except your bird, my music

And the sound of the ocean


I smile at the impossible

You know just what to say

It would hurt to lose someone like you

I’m hoping you will stay