Borrowed Time

For a couple of hours
We are teenagers again
With stolen kisses
And roaming hands

Alcohol and neon lights
Has forced me to forget
The lonely nights
And forgotten gifts

Arms I’ve been in a thousand times
Now feel unfamiliar and free of worry
As we sweep across polished wood
To a country song that tells our story

Of forever love that disappears
After broken trust
And many years
Of settling that we couldn’t stop
You kiss my neck
And my heart drops

In a room full of strangers
Who have no clue
What the sway of my hips
Has done to you

Like the time in our childhood
When we were rabbits
Falling tangled into crisp sheets
Out of love and not of habit

But daylight brings it all back
This time I won’t forget
Back to reality
And what we know will come
The reminders that pierce us
With the morning sun