You Again (Crush)

I know that smile

But the shyness is gone

I’m surprised you came back

Where’s the fear you once had?


The rules

You feel

Should not apply,

And I’m sure

Deep down

You’re a really nice guy


But your success stains you

It’s just something I do


These walls were in place

Long before you came

With your cute smile, deep dimples

And nonexistent mane


You walk away with determination

And your thoughts on this crush

I shake my head and watch you go

With a heart that I can’t trust





I caught you staring

Over at me

Beneath the old oak tree

You shyly look away

A moment too late

And I smile for you to see


Childhood games

At our age are fun

It’s exciting for once

To come undone


Throw caution to the wind

For a minute or more

To admire

What nature has brought forth


But our limit

Has been set

This is as close

As we will get

To this feeling of rush

Which will remain

Just a crush