Sinner in the night (A short story poem)

She tip toed through the foyer and slowly turned the lock.

“The big red barn,

Meet me there at 1 o’clock”

His words played through her head

As the night air hit

Her husband up in bed

It’s whom she should be with


But lust has crowded Judgment

And love has faded

A noise makes her pause

Maybe she should have waited


A little longer

Before escaping out into the night

But he said this would be perfect

That this time was right


The grass cold under her feet

And wet with dew

She races quietly across the yard

Thinking maybe she should have worn shoes


As she approaches the barn

His arm’s are spread wide

As he comes into view


“What took so long darling?

I’ve been waiting for you.”


A kiss here

A touch there

And a warm embrace

Guilt swarms

And all she can see

Is her husbands face


But the lonely pain

In her chest

Pushes feelings away

No more guilt

No more worry

On the hay she lays


As she opens for her lover

Just like yesterday

There’s no promise of forever

They both know he can’t stay


So he pushes deep into her womb

Trying to reach her soul

She screams his name

And arches up

Doing as she’s told


When the climax takes over

She begins to feel bold

Enough to scream a little louder

Losing complete control


“Careful there beautiful,

You could wake the dead”

She bites her lips and looks up at him

No more needs to be said


As he pushes home

Forcing her

To follow him again

Down the dark dangerous road

Lined with roses and sin