Locks of Deja vu

“Now, I’ll need you forever
I’m addicted to this realm with you”
The talented Mr. Scott Mitchell.

Evoking the Deep

Feet planted on the ground
yet a sky full of desire
Countless lightning streams
link the realms as golden wires

One large gasp as I inhale
all the energy of poetic past
I’m earnestly hemming my way
to live this moment at last

Stanzas written with my eyes
prepare my muse to accept me in
Every word intensely motivated
as your hands direct my pen

I am quivering in your breeze
as I’m smelling your sweet breath
I am willingly detained
as dark locks graze my chest

Lyrics are softly unspoken
by adjacent tongues and hips
Spreading ink on the paper
as we connect our lips

Inducement from our dance
causes patience to wear thin
Pen released from our control
Now we’re all the way in

We understand each other
My point is in you and it’s clear
Sir William shook the world
but we can shake this sphere


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Sadistic Remorse

Very well written. Great detail put into his piece of work.

Poetically Captivating

Seductive woman with luscious red lips on bed

Sadistic Remorse

Seductive satanic eyes engulfed in desire,
Sinful intentions of a lover’s perspire.
Hopeless romantic souls ready for a buyer,
Vulnerable virgin necks sold to the vampire.

Jack Frost lips embrace a frost bite,
A sensational winter’s breath delivered tonight.
An Eskimo kiss transitions away from the victim’s sight,
Chapped lips with mixed emotions start to ignite.

A burning sensation of a love affair,
Betrayal lingers in the way he stares.
Words and actions lure the love hungry heart,
Deprivation of physical intimacy melts her from the start.

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Found this and thought it was beautiful. Well written 🙂

Destined to Remember

Do you remember the last time we made love?

I do. You were slow and soft with your touches. We were taking our time.

Do you remember the words you said to me?

I do. You whispered I love you and caressed my name in between the pleasure you felt.

Do you remember the promises you made?

I do. Because I believed you as I did the same with every sweet kiss.

Do you remember the way you felt when you were inside me?

I do. It was as if I was the only person that existed in your world.

Do you remember what it meant to you?

I do. It meant I was yours as I slowly gave you my heart and soul until you had it all.

Do you remember the last time we made love?

I do. Because it was the last time that I made love…

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