Mind Fuck (Short Story)

You asked me if you could buy me a drink.  I decline and ask you to leave this place.  Wasn’t that the point?  Wasn’t that your goal walking into this bar tonight?  You’ve probably watched me for ten minutes before deciding to make a move on the woman who always sat alone in the corner.  Little did you know, I was only here for one thing and that was you.  I didn’t need fancy flowers or multiple drinks to be picked up.  I sat in the same spot every Thursday waiting for you to find the nerve to approach me instead of watching me for hours and going home alone.

The look of shock on your face said I had surprised you, and the slight flaring of your nostrils said that I had your undivided attention.  I walk past you and will you to follow me, which wasn’t too hard after I stood and you got a glimpse of my attire. 

Does this little black dress do it for you? 

The place was pretty crowded as I maneuvered my way towards the entrance and out into the night air.

“What’s your name?”  You ask.

“Summer.”  I lied.  You don’t really need to know my name.  I don’t want any more from you then to know how fast you can make me come.

“That’s pretty.”  You predictably responded.

“Thanks.  So where we headed?”  I broke eye contact and watched a city bus pass us.  It makes me seem like I’m not really that interested and in return you’ll try harder for my attention.

“This way.” 

Your palm landed on my lower back and you began to guide me towards the dark parking lot next to the building. 

What would a man who wore a business suit to a bar drive?  We stop in front of a very shiny black Mercedes.


I’ve never had sex in a Mercedes before.

You opened the passenger door for me and I sank into the leather seat which cools the backs of my upper thighs.  The car smelled as if it had recently been detailed.  As you walk around the front of the car, I took in my surrounding.  The console would be tricky to get over, but there was plenty of room for the both of us in the back seat.

The driver door opens and I watch as you get in and reached for your seatbelt.

I would almost bet my life savings that you had never had sex in this or any other car.  You look like the goody two shoes business type, where public sex was a no no, and sex in your shiny car was an even bigger no no. 

But then again I don’t know many business men who look like you do.  I’m used to crew cuts and gel tops, not ponytails.  You, you’re a little different.  I start thinking that maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. 

With a soft vibration the car quietly rumbled to life.  I reached to cover your hand, stopping you from shifting the car into reverse.  With my other hand I turned on the radio and adjusted to my favorite station.  Portishead’s “Glory box” floats in through the speakers and I looked to find a very confused look on your face.  

I reached up and around you grabbing your perfect ponytail and pulling you over to me until your lips meet mine.  Slowly I swipe my tongue across your top lip.  You gasp out as I lick slowly across your bottom lip and I take the opportunity to dip my tongue between your lips.

You growl out as my palm lands on your upper thigh, just out of reach.  I tug on your hair a little harder and like a good boy you come closer. 

“Let’s go back to my place beautiful.”

I ignored your request and began undoing your tie.  I try my best to keep your mouth busy with my tongue so you won’t ask again.   You reached up and grab my breast and I know I succeeded.  I tilt my head to the side directing your mouth to my neck.  Your tongue slides across the column and I fill my pussy pulsate.


Finally I allowed my hand to slide up and cup your growing erection.  You growl out loud in frustration. 

“You want it?” I asked.

“Fuck yes!”  You respond.

I unlock the doors and get out of the car.  At the back door I open it and slide in.  You watch quietly from the front seat.

“Come and get it.”

I don’t think lightening could move as fast as you did.  You slide in next to me and immediately began to pull at the straps on my dress.

“Take it off now!” You bark.

Ahh, someone does not like to be teased.  I slide the straps over my shoulders and the dress falls to bunch around my waist.  Your long tongue quickly darts out find my nipple.

 You suck hard before you allow your teeth to graze the hard tip.  Geez I clearly underestimated you.  Your hand finds my waxed pussy and you stroke it.  If I were a cat I would be a purring one right now.

“Open wider.”  It was a command. 

The tables have been turned.  Because before I can react you have my back against the door and my legs spread wide.  You sit back and I watch as you unbuttoned your pants and slid down the zipper. I hold my breath and wait to see what you have hidden there.

Well… fuck… me… running…

I looked up to see your evil grin; your glasses do nothing to hide the wicked look in your eyes.

“Still think you want it?”

You lick at the pads of your fingers and bite your bottom lip as you began to stroke yourself.  For once I am left speechless.  All I can do is watch as you stroke the baseball bat you call a penis.  Hell yes I wanted it, but I had no clue if I would be able to walk afterwards.  

I nod hesitantly and began to spread my legs wider.  Well, as wide as the back seat of the car would allow.  You lean over me and paused.

“This is your last chance to run beautiful.”  You warn me.

“You getting cold feet?”  I challenged.  I immediately regret challenging you. 

Your fingers slid past the elastic at my crotch and dipped in. As you pull back with a quick jerk, I fill the elastic of my thong give way.

“Looks like you’re ready for me.”  Your cockiness turns me on.

You sit back and pull me with you until I’ve straddled your lap.  I slide my wet pussy along the underside of your cock and you grab my waist almost painfully to stop me.

“Don’t tease me.  Fuck me.”  Holy shit!  What have I gotten myself into?  You’ve taken complete control and there is no sign of me getting it back.

I began to rise as high as the interior of the car would allow.  I watched threw the back window as a couple holding hands walk towards their car.  Is this turning you on?  Have I underestimated you?  You seem completely comfortable with fucking me in public.

I winced as you fill me more than any other man has.  I stop and begin using shallow pumps to guide me the rest of the way.  Your large hands covered my ass and help me along.

“Good girl.”

I sit still and wait for my poor pussy to get used to your size.  I watch as you close your eyes and inhale deeply.  I take the advantage and quickly slide up and back down, watching your eyes shoot open.  That’s when I realize I have way more control then I think I do.  It’s my time to grin as I unhurriedly begin to move my hips in a circular motion on your lap.  You growl out again and squeeze at my hips to stop me. 

I stop and reach up to remove your glasses.  I want to see what you look like without them.  Once again you try to stop me.

“I can’t see you good without them.”

“Then just feel me.”  I continue pulling them off and you let me.  My grinding begins again as I place them in the back window. You take advantage and begin licking the sensitive spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  I allow it and begin nibbling on your ear. Fuck! 

There’s that growl again.

I feel your hand slide up between us and it doesn’t stop until your long fingers wrap around my neck.  Our eyes meet.  Yes, I have clearly underestimated you.

“I just wanna be a woman”

The lyrics flow through the interior of the car as I began slide up and then back down over you again and again.   Reaching back I hold on to the front seats and push out my breast.  I could only imagine what anyone from the outside of the car would see if they took a peak into the rocking vehicle.

You fully dressed with your hand around my neck, my back arched and my dress around my waist fully exposed.  What a show we would make.

I’m quickly pulled back to the present when your hands find my hips and you take control of our thrusts.  You slam into me over and over and right as I’m about to come you slam hard and hold me there.  I feel my muscle contract around you over and over as I scream out. 

You latch on to my nipple and suck hard, dragging out my orgasm.  I feel my body began to vibrate and you wrap your arms around me tightly and continue to take me hard. 

“So fucking tight.”  You groan out against my breast.

I pull at your now not so perfect ponytail until your hair pours freely over my fingers and down your back.  Your thrust have become frantic, your release must be close.  I squeeze my knees at an attempt to stop you.  I want more, but it’s too late.  You’re too far gone.  I can hear it in your breathing and feel it in the way your nails rake down my back.

“Give me a reason to love you…”

This song, the tempo, everything about it is perfect for this moment.  I feel the buildup began again just as I hear you growl out your release.  I was close, so I selfishly grind myself against you.

“Uuuuh!”  You groan out and I can only imagine how sensitive you must be.  Over and over I take without mercy until once again I’m floating. 

I moan out against your neck and feel a bead of sweat roll down the center of my back.  The sounds of our heavy breathing fill the car as some ad about a gym membership comes on the radio.  I fight to catch my breath in the hot car.  Neither of us thought to turn on the air conditioner.

When my breathing finally settles I go to push off your lap and you stop me.

“Come home with me.” 

“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Won’t.” I answered as I slid off your lap.  Your nails scraped at my thighs as I went.

How did I tell a complete stranger that he had just given me the greatest fuck of my life?  Not only had you fucked my body, but I now felt like I had been completely mind fucked as well.  Everything I thought I knew was gone.  I was hanging on tightly to the little control I had left.

If I didn’t walk away now, I would quickly become addicted.

I sat back in the seat next to you and readjusted my dress.  I could feel your eyes on me.  I wish you wouldn’t stare that way.  It makes me want to straddle you all over again.

I reach for the door and I feel your hand on my thigh.  I hesitate for only a second before I open it and the cool night air rushes in as I step out into the night, watching your hand fall back onto the seat.  I slowly closed the door behind me. 

As I walked away I wondered how long you would sit there in the back seat before you finally drove away.  As I crossed the street in front of the bar I smile as a wet reminder of what I had just done runs down the inside of my left thigh. Only then do I look back to find that your gone. 

I look both ways on the street and nothing.  No sign of you or your car. It’s like you never existed.

But I know you do.

Caressing Keys

My head begins to spin
I squeeze my eyes shut
So many unfinished stories
The year has been rough

Write a poem, maybe two
That will hold them over
It’s not enough, I’m overdo
Time to pull back the covers

My palms rest on the keys
As my blood begins to pump
My fingers twitch awake
For so long they’ve been numb



Imagined Dragons

Just a lustful admirer
He asked if I was friend or foe
I was neither
He was the field to my scarecrow

I watched over to protect
When others neglected
And the black birds of the world
Swooped in at his neck

He disappeared
The day after I fell in love
And my life was enriched
With things unheard of

I cried for a minute
But it was all the time I had
To mourn over the forbidden
For only seconds I remained sad

Screaming didn’t help
And these tears don’t mean a thing
Taming this dragon will be impossible
He just wont listen when I sing



I stared across the park bench
Hanging on his every word
And nothing in the world mattered
Not even the fussing of birds
Fingertips brush like smooth keys
Clueless to the power he holds
Honesty seems to flow with ease
The nerves no longer cold
The touch can’t be duplicated
As fingers begin to graze
The feeling is reciprocated
And minutes feel like days
Breathing becomes harder
The longing goes longer
The heart beats get louder
The stupid smile on my face
I can’t stop what’s coming
So I live in this very moment
Soon reality will come running

Missing Pieces

When you call
I come running
I know you’re out there
Can you hear me?
The flashbacks keep coming
Can you see me?
Staring from across the world
Could you take me?
Away from all this chaos
Maybe break me
Do everything you wished for
When you get lonely
Giving the attention you dream of
Do you honey?
Want it all laid out in the open
We could both
Fix the hearts that we’ve had broken

Art credit : Talking comics

Lemons for Lemonade

We Humans

We do the craziest things

Ignore someone

Attempting to retrain the brain

To try and get rid of

What drives us insane

Controlling road rage

Just by switching the lanes

Stupid humans

Life just isn’t that easy

It’s hurtful, it’s messy

It’s so fucking sleazy

And you have to deal with it

Love in it

Sleep in it

And there are no refunds

You’ll just have to keep it.



Sometimes in life
You have to let go
You have to forget
Everything that you know

You can’t have it all
Without the chance of pain
Maybe yours, maybe theirs
Someone’s left in the rain

With one large stone
The castle will fall
You can be the one to throw it
Or you can be the wall

Left all dress up
With no place to go
This itch will last forever
But it’s a scratch I’ll never know.


Cure me


My mind owns a very
Wild imagination
It begs me to cure
Your oral fixation
Follow no rules
We have no plans
Just incredible lust
That drives us insane
The tensions pulled tight
 I stayed up
Late last night
Convincing myself
This was right
I’m addicted to you
 I can’t explain
The constant need to
Moan your name
So I arch at the thought
Craving satisfaction
That will never come
Without your distractions

Strangers in a Hallway

Our eyes meet down the hallway

I’ve fucked him a thousand times in my head

Seconds away my body calls

With desire to have him in my bed


A sexy smirk makes my heart fall

And my legs go heavy as lead

For the stranger with the dark brown eyes

And the black hat on  top his head


Our eyes have spoken the million words

That our mouths have left unsaid

Sweaty hands and gasping breaths

Desperately begging to be fed


He slows his steps to drag this out

This once a day showdown

He’s daring me to break

And I never make a sound


I’m fucking him in my brain

And he hasn’t the slightest clue

The way his body responds

To all the naughty things I do


We’re just strangers in a hallway

Blind to our surroundings

We’d give anything for just one night

But reality has its boundaries



Fucking Writer’s Block

The rush, the crave

You keep me intact

The irony I know

Is that you also undo me


I cried myself to sleep

It just wasn’t the same

The love was still there

But nothing else remained

You can’t be duplicated

You keep me sane

The thought of it

The feel of it

I have no shame

With just one good kiss

My skin would glow

And with one good fuck

The words would flow