Missing Pieces

When you call
I come running
I know you’re out there
Can you hear me?
The flashbacks keep coming
Can you see me?
Staring from across the world
Could you take me?
Away from all this chaos
Maybe break me
Do everything you wished for
When you get lonely
Giving the attention you dream of
Do you honey?
Want it all laid out in the open
We could both
Fix the hearts that we’ve had broken

Art credit : Talking comics

What’s Your Opinion? Threesome’s

Another reader has a question.  Here’s the scenario:

Your significant other suddenly ask you to bring a third person into the bedroom.  What would you do? Would you consider it?  Or would you run for the hills?  How would it make you feel?

What’s Your Opinion? Letting go

So I had someone ask me to blog about something to see what others think about it. Here’s the scenario:

You’ve fallen hard for someone and they don’t feel the same way about you. How and when do you get over that person and move on? Is it even possible? Or do you somewhere in the back of your mind always think about that person?