I stared across the park bench
Hanging on his every word
And nothing in the world mattered
Not even the fussing of birds
Fingertips brush like smooth keys
Clueless to the power he holds
Honesty seems to flow with ease
The nerves no longer cold
The touch can’t be duplicated
As fingers begin to graze
The feeling is reciprocated
And minutes feel like days
Breathing becomes harder
The longing goes longer
The heart beats get louder
The stupid smile on my face
I can’t stop what’s coming
So I live in this very moment
Soon reality will come running

Borrowed Time

For a couple of hours
We are teenagers again
With stolen kisses
And roaming hands

Alcohol and neon lights
Has forced me to forget
The lonely nights
And forgotten gifts

Arms I’ve been in a thousand times
Now feel unfamiliar and free of worry
As we sweep across polished wood
To a country song that tells our story

Of forever love that disappears
After broken trust
And many years
Of settling that we couldn’t stop
You kiss my neck
And my heart drops

In a room full of strangers
Who have no clue
What the sway of my hips
Has done to you

Like the time in our childhood
When we were rabbits
Falling tangled into crisp sheets
Out of love and not of habit

But daylight brings it all back
This time I won’t forget
Back to reality
And what we know will come
The reminders that pierce us
With the morning sun



I will give you more passion

Than ever given to me

In hopes that you will feel

The things that I see , In you


When you look back at me

With the passion of a sailor

Forever lost out at sea

The beauty you possess

Has now possessed me


For I was only browsing

With no intent

Of ever spending

So much time in this land

Of blinding ectasy


Yet here I stand

Out in the open

With you staring back at me