Sometimes in life
You have to let go
You have to forget
Everything that you know

You can’t have it all
Without the chance of pain
Maybe yours, maybe theirs
Someone’s left in the rain

With one large stone
The castle will fall
You can be the one to throw it
Or you can be the wall

Left all dress up
With no place to go
This itch will last forever
But it’s a scratch I’ll never know.


Unwanted Farewell

I’ll miss it all.
Your voice of wisdom
That stood for freedom
And everything
I needed to hear
Your strained smile
That I loved to hate
But couldn’t blame you
Because I could relate
Your shocked expressions
From the stories I tell
With words bad enough
To send us both to hell
But we’d be spared
We were born this way
It’s the reason we met
That unpredictable day
You worry that
 I’ll disappear
You should know
I wouldn’t dare
Enjoy your life
Without your fear
And always know
Your friend is near