Your breath on my neck

Your smell in my lungs

Your touch on my skin

Your taste on my tongue

Your whisper in my ear

I still feel you everywhere.


Photo credit: infinite lines

Cloud 9

So light and fluffy

This cloud I float on

These stars shine bright

In the early morning sun

The softness surrounds me

And I feel no pain

I stay and lay quietly

Right above the rain


Your Words

I’ve dreamed of you before today
I swear I’ve known for a while
You’re my Ernest Hemingway
Your way with words make me smile
Unknowingly you suck me in
I’ve let your words enchant me
Take me places I’ve never been
I’ve only dreamed of lately
With every verse my heart pounds
I try my best to break it down
With hope then I’ll understand you
And see the world with your view
Because my view is blurred
So I hang onto your words
And float through the days
A flightless bird

Forbidden (Poem)

image of late 30s  - Loving affectionate nude heterosexual couple in sensual kiss and hug - JPG

You and me
We cannot be
you love her
And he loves me
But this …
Though forbidden
Feels too good
To be hidden
In our minds
locked up
With the rest of our passion
We live our lives
For the people
Who remain old fashion
But Desire
Has won
Forcing temporary insantity
So we lie
To share a moment
Of  pure sensuality
When it’s over
We’ll feel guilt
But we won’t regret
Because something so forbidden
Will be hard to forget