Be My Naughty Valentine


Feed my ego

Say I’m the best you ever had

That you’ve never

Seen anything better

Than my skin wrapped in leather

Tease me

Until I’m ready for more

And it’s hard to ignore

For my pleasure is yours

Taste me

Savor every single bit

Sip me like your favorite drink

Squeeze until you’re full of it

Beg me

And you will find

A sweet release

For what’s yours is mine




Happy Naughty Valentines!



I held my pillow tight last night

It refused to hold me back

The silence began to scream at me

Everything I lacked


I rolled over and found comfort

And all I gained came rushing in

I lost love, but gained life

A situation of lose and win


The thought of you

Made me smile into the darkness

And my body filled with heat


With the flip of my wrist

And the arch of my back

I finally fell asleep