Caressing Keys

My head begins to spin
I squeeze my eyes shut
So many unfinished stories
The year has been rough

Write a poem, maybe two
That will hold them over
It’s not enough, I’m overdo
Time to pull back the covers

My palms rest on the keys
As my blood begins to pump
My fingers twitch awake
For so long they’ve been numb



Missing Pieces

When you call
I come running
I know you’re out there
Can you hear me?
The flashbacks keep coming
Can you see me?
Staring from across the world
Could you take me?
Away from all this chaos
Maybe break me
Do everything you wished for
When you get lonely
Giving the attention you dream of
Do you honey?
Want it all laid out in the open
We could both
Fix the hearts that we’ve had broken

Art credit : Talking comics

Lemons for Lemonade

We Humans

We do the craziest things

Ignore someone

Attempting to retrain the brain

To try and get rid of

What drives us insane

Controlling road rage

Just by switching the lanes

Stupid humans

Life just isn’t that easy

It’s hurtful, it’s messy

It’s so fucking sleazy

And you have to deal with it

Love in it

Sleep in it

And there are no refunds

You’ll just have to keep it.



Sometimes in life
You have to let go
You have to forget
Everything that you know

You can’t have it all
Without the chance of pain
Maybe yours, maybe theirs
Someone’s left in the rain

With one large stone
The castle will fall
You can be the one to throw it
Or you can be the wall

Left all dress up
With no place to go
This itch will last forever
But it’s a scratch I’ll never know.



You criminal

Stealing my thoughts

And fueling them with lust

Your gaze, it haunts me

From dawn until dusk

I clinch my thighs

As the flashbacks roll in

Squeeze my eyes shut

And count backwards from ten

But your vision remains

Determined as ever

To drive me insane

So easily I surrender


Moonlight Sonata


Your eyes pierce mine
And the vision never leaves
Your nails against my skin
Play me like piano keys
And I sing so loud
For the audience next to me
The song your body demands
That I sing on my knees
You growl out the lyrics
And backup follows your lead
The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard
I’ve never been so pleased.



My own personal bandage

Shielding away my wounds

From my own self destructions

And a life left unbloomed


Somehow I just got lucky

Good friends are hard to find

We’ve built this hidden Lego house

Somewhere in the back of our minds


Where it will go unharmed

And no one can ever get in

Except your bird, my music

And the sound of the ocean


I smile at the impossible

You know just what to say

It would hurt to lose someone like you

I’m hoping you will stay



Rest, You Say

Rest, you say
As if I have a choice
For hours I’ve scream
Now I’ve lost my voice
But found my spot
At the tips of your fingers
Tongue to tip
With results that linger
And so I rest
Without volunteering
The traffic goes unheard
But my body, it’s singing
The song that you wrote
Loudly against my skin
Bodies soaked with pleasure
As we pretend