The hunger strikes
When you least expect
It grabs you in ways
That you don’t forget
It reminds you of the things
You cannot have
It reminds you of a time
That left you sad
But you feed off of it
As much as you can
Squeeze your eyes shut
And pretend there’s this man
Giving you the pleasure
That you’ve never had
And you reach for the high
Because you need it bad
You float in the clouds
As your fingers roam
But as you glide down the hill
You find yourself alone


I’m so bad

I’ve been bad

You should punish me now

Pull my hair

Make me turn around


I want to scream

So the neighbors hear next door

Call me names

I’ll just beg for more


Of your pleasure

Mixed with pain

I love playing

These dirty little games


I’m so bad



X marks the spot

I can’t stop smiling

I don’t want to

I love this soreness

I love thinking of you

I guess the sayings true

It does take two

It does take time

Across the line

Where red means go

And green means stop

And whatever Simon says

Leaves you feeling on top,

Of the world

Right after an earthquake

When my insides tingle

And my body shakes

What a great find

In this box of treasures

I see knick knacks, and happiness

Right along with my pleasure