Symphonie Fantastique



A puppeteer you are

 Silent but deadly

 You sit back and watch the crowd

 Humming to your own medley


 Staring forward, you smile shyly

As your sensual thoughts flow

Your misses looks better than ever

But so does her girlfriend though 


You’ve planned ahead

For your night of lust

 The only one in the room 

Everyone can trust


 To stick to the agenda

 There’s no tricks up your sleeve

 They don’t know that tonight

 There is something you need


You whip that black hair

 So softly down your back

You nibble your bottom lip

 It’s almost time to attack


Ennie Mini mine mo

Time to test out 

The new girl at the show, 

You work your fingers 

The strings jump to life 

Now on to the bedroom 

Such a sweet gift from your wife



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