I fed him bullshit about love
To pull him from the crowd
Lines to feed his ego
Over music played too loud

Encouragement to follow me
Into the darkness of the night
Promises of pleasure
To make his jeans grow tight

But it was my show you see
I pulled all the strings
The pleasure belonged to me
The queen of all games


Challenge Accepted


My mind wonders to the outdoors

My ears ring in the silence

In the night air my vision blurs

Of wisping hair and mute guidance


I can run, but I can’t hide

The heat that I hold within me

My telling eyes, and exposed thighs

Beg for you to see me


Like a greedy doe through the picket fence

With a bag of stolen carrots

My body’s forced to except failure

So delicious there’s no regrets


I’ve lost all fight, I’ve got no defense

No excuses that hold any merit

With pointed toes I come unglued

When my challenge is accepted


Love Lost


I heard your voice again today
A reminder of all I missed
A reminder of how we touched
A reminder of how you kissed

Years have gone by
Yet you’ve stayed on my brain
Countless nights of loneliness
And tears that fell like rain

I’ve wanted to forget you
And tried my best to move on
Countless others I’ve mused
And every time it felt wrong

So here we are
Many worlds apart
With lost trust
And guarded hearts

I’m afraid to move
Fearing this moment will end
So I’m careful with my words
Hoping you won’t run again


Spare Me

Spare me my heart
But not my body
Toss me to the sheets
And roughly ride me

Take what you want
For I am willing
Force my attention
As I am kneeling

Spare me my soul
It’s been damaged enough
Left out in the cold
My skin remains tough

So spank me my dear
But don’t ask for more
A moment to forget
Is all I’m asking for


Sweet Distraction


I don’t want to wake up

Thinking about you

I want to start the day

With pancakes

Like normal people do

Pick an orange from the back yard

And squeeze fresh juice

Take a long cold sip

Until I feel brand new

Sometimes I want to hate you

So much, you don’t have a clue

How hard it is to go a day

And not think of you

But trying makes no sense

Because you’re still you

You listen and sometimes care

Doing what I need you to

For now I’ll stop trying

It’s to hard when I do

The anxiety goes away

When my mind is filled with you



You can’t quit me

I am your drug

I’ll tease you

Until you fall into lust

And mistake it for love

I’ll never promise more

Than one night in the hay

But you’ll come back begging

For just one more day

I’ll entertain the thought

For only a second with ease

And leave you wanting me more

You can’t quit me.


Photo credit: society6.com

Such is Life

I should run

But I won’t

I want to scream

But I don’t

This is life

And his plan

I would never

Question the man

There are reasons

We’ve yet heard

I stand again

Your flightless bird

But with more freedom

Than ever before

The windows been closed

But there’s still an open door

I am not alone

And neither are you

For as long as we hold breath

Our bond remains true



Power Trip

Tell me what to say

To turn your body on

Should I call you my king

As I crawl up to your throne

Moan out to the sunset

How I want you all night long

Scream out to the moonlight

Would you spank me for doing it wrong?

Giggle against your ear

As your fingers roam my center

Beg against your neck

Until you finally give in and enter

Me, deeper than I’ve ever had before

Until my body turns to mush

And slides down to the floor

Tell me what to say

And take away my choice

You should never underestimate

The power of your voice


photo credit:riafineart.com

Your Eyes


Your eyes, they tell stories
Staring back at me
Piercing me, Punishing me
In all your glory
You make love
But no promises
You bring lust
Without the rush
For more

Your eyes, they touch my soul
And for a while
I don’t feel cold
My pleasure
You now control
I’d run, but you’ve tightened
Your hold

Your eyes, they’re in my dreams
So I lay awake
To avoid the screams
So then I can escape
To nowhere
And every where
The silence would be a prize
But I’d go crazy without
The passion I see
In your hazel eyes



I’ve lost all inspiration

But not my need for you

Reality’s got me down

And feeling a little blue

Can you hear me

Crying out

Counting down the days

My voice hoarse from repetition

And begging to be saved

I’ll scream louder if it helps

Nevermind the desperation

Pick a building

I’ll scream from it

Shocking entire populations

But for now

I lack

All the motivation

I once had

Within me

I’m in need of restoration

Fix me.